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Built: The Mountain Man’s Babies by Frankie Love

BUILT: The Mountain Man’s BabiesBUILT: The Mountain Man’s Babies by Frankie Love
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

This author was lovin’ on mountain men before they were all the rage on Amazon. 🙂 She knows how to make a man rough and tough, with a secret side sweet and swoon-worthy. Her mountain men are built, gorgeous and protective of their friends and families, but not afraid to change a diaper if duty calls.
This was such a sweet insta-love romance! Beau was just to die for and Josie is such a sweetheart! The instant connection through flirty banter between them was hilarious and luckily neither of them are afraid to speak their mind. They’re both looking for a fresh start and they quickly start to wonder if they’ve been brought together to build a future together.
The chemistry between them is explosive which makes the steamy scenes just fabulous. The comradery between the large group of friends is heartwarming and comfortable. The plethora of adorable babies and hunky baby daddies will have you pulling out the box of onesies from your attic thinking, maybe one more baby? 😉
Sexy insta-love romance with great characters and a quick moving, but heartwarming storyline.

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