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Review: Untouchable by Kira Blakely and Emily Bishop

UntouchableUntouchable by Kira Blakely and Emily Bishop
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Excellent romantic suspense from Kira Blakely and Emily Bishop!
This novel had action and suspense from the first page and the page-turning intrigue continued throughout the whole book.
What would you do for a billion dollar inheritance? How far would you go? The goons that are after Chase are willing to kill him and anyone else who gets in their way in order to be next in line for Chase’s huge inheritance.
When his body is dumped off a cliff, it should mean the end for Chase, but it’s actually just the beginning of the fight of his life and a journey on the run that ends up changing his world completely.
Accustomed to posh living, servants and a care-free existence, Chase’s new position as a ranch hand is hardly up his alley. Working with his hands all day in the hot sun, sleeping on a rickety cot and having little to no free time or money is not how he envisioned his life. Of course, it beats being shot at and relentlessly hunted down for your money.
Chase’s new boss had one stipulation in order for him to keep his job, but keeping his hands off of the farmer’s beautiful, beguiling and innocent daughter proved to be more of a challenge than he imagined. Especially when Lauren starts returning his feelings and desires.
But life on the run is no way to live forever. Chase wants to get one step ahead of his enemies, but Lauren is adding a complication into the mix that he hadn’t anticipated. She’s becoming more than just a roll in the hay to him and he wants to keep her safe from harm. Now that his new boss and his enemies are all after him, Chase needs to disappear again and regroup.
Will he have to break her heart to keep her alive? When Lauren finds out the truth about Chase’s past, will she ever be able to trust him again? Will he have to choose between the billions of dollars and a chance with the love of his life?
I really, really loved this book. Once I got started, I blew right through the whole thing… I just didn’t want to put it down! Lots of action, suspense, mystery, love, lust and humour. Chase and Lauren had incredible chemistry and I’m surprised they didn’t’ burn down the barn with the sparks that ignited between them!

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