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Review: Date the Billionaire by Summer Cooper

Date the Billionaire

Date The Billionaire by Summer Cooper
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Jake is a young, handsome tech billionaire who has worked hard for every dollar he has to his name. His life has been anything but a silver spooned existence, in fact his childhood was quite tragic and traumatic. He’s tired of women wanting to date him because of his bank account and has headed home to the safety and anonymity of where he grew up, his Grandma’s house.
Laney is a studious, intelligent, serious young woman. She’s focused on advancing her degrees and eventually working hard as a voice for those who need to be heard. She doesn’t have time for dating, even though her funny roomie and her quirky neighbour (Jake’s Grandma) are always prodding her to go out and meet someone.
Turns out her roomie and neighbour did more than just suggest she date, they got to downright meddling and signed Laney and Jake up for a reality dating show. Neither of them want to partake, but don’t want to hurt the feelings of their loved ones, so they go through the grind of this Bachelor style show with backstabbing contestants, scheming producers and phony everything.
The only good thing to come out of the show was that Laney and Jake met each other, but with the show scheming to have Jake end up with a different woman, they meet roadblocks at every turn. Their chemistry is hot and their attraction seems real, but with the show conspiring against them, do they stand a chance?
Is Jake willing to be sued to within an inch of his life in order to have a chance with Laney – a woman he just met? Or is it better just to play it safe and make sure that his and his Grandma’s futures are safe and secure?
Little do the love birds know that they had to go through all of that pain and drama, just to meet their next door neighbour. Will they discover that love has been under their noses this whole time before the show and it’s conspirators destroy them once and for all?
Quick, quirky, Christmas romance with a unique storyline and lovable characters.

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