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Review: Dirty Boss (An Office Romance) by Alycia Taylor

Dirty Boss (An Office Romance) (The Maxwell Family)Dirty Boss (An Office Romance) by Alycia Taylor
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

I really enjoyed this political romance between Josh Maxwell (a smart, handsome, confident man) running for Senate and his fixer/spin doctor/lifesaver Reagan. Reagan is hired after Josh’ best friend and staunch supporter ends up in some hot water and the scandal threatens to taint Josh’ image as well.
Reagan is a bit of a political junkie and very intelligent. She’s also not afraid to speak her mind and willing to stand up for her beliefs and her opinions. She and Josh butt heads when she’s first hired, but underneath the bickering, there is definite sexual chemistry brewing.
Their office romance is a slow burn with explosive results once they give in, but as with any relationship – trust is the cornerstone. When Josh finds out there is an opposition spy in the office, he’s quick to point fingers. Too quick and he ends up breaking the heart of the first woman he’s ever wanted to spend more than a few nights with.
Will Reagan be able to save his struggling campaign? Will Josh be able to convince Reagan to forgive him for his traiterous accusations? Will his opponent smell blood in the water and capilize on the weaknesses in their campaign office? Does their love stand a chance once the excitement of the campaign is over?
Sexy, smart political office romance!

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