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Review: Final Reckoning by Mia Madison (The Adamo Family Book 11)

Final Reckoning (The Adamos Book 11)Final Reckoning by Mia Madison
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

If this is the last Adamo Family story, I’ll be sad, but this one was worth the wait! I’ll just have to re-read the whole series when I’m looking for a quick fix of hot, possessive, sweet, alpha men!
We met Quinn a few books back when she and her sisters found themselves under attack and in need of protection from law enforcement and subsequently – The Adamos. Her sisters have both found themselves an Adamo man and all three sisters have been lovingly brought into the Adamo family fold.
Quinn knows exactly which Adamo man she’d love to give her heart (and everything) else to, but unfortunately her man Matteo is a ghost right now. He backed away from the family about 2 years ago and only ever pops up under the cover of darkness and only to warn his brothers or cousins of an immediate threat to their safety. Nobody knows why he ghosted the family. There is no family closer than the Adamo clan, but Matteo has his reasons for keeping his distance.
Matteo and Quinn have an instant spark, but their brief meetings are few and far between. When Quinn becomes the target of Santiago’s fury again though, Matteo is willing to do everything and anything to keep her safe. He wasn’t willing to come out of the shadows for his own family, but for Quinn he’ll break any oath, spoil any cover and risk his own life to save hers.
Fast paced, steamy romance filled with action, passion and possibly the sexiest Adamo man of them all!
Also worth mentioning – the fabulous Adamo family epilogue to end all epilogues! Sweet, fun and just beautiful to see all of the Adamo men settling into life with their own wives and little ones. Ahhh swoon! 😉

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