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Review: Hard Cash by Amelia Wilde

Hard Cash: A Cash Brothers NovelHard Cash: A Cash Brothers Novel by Amelia Wilde
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

There’s a fine line between love and hate and when Charlie and Josephine cross paths for the first time since high school, they are both firmly on the HATE side of that fine line.
They couldn’t stand each other when they were teenagers and the years have done little to thaw the chill between them. This hatred is not just superficial either, it runs deep and so does the hurt between them.
Charlie and Josie run into each other on a private jet heading to a tropical resort. Both born of privilege and used to a lavish lifestyle, the two of them have taken very opposite paths in terms of enjoying their fortune. Charlie is the head of his family’s business empire and a complete workaholic. Josie is a party girl, always looking for a good time and living off of an allowance from her parents rather than earning her own way.
They say opposites attract, but these two may just be too different to find common ground. No doubt, they’d be good for each other. One of them needs to relax a bit and the other needs to take life a bit more seriously, but can they rub off on each other before they kill each other?
Charlie and Josie end up finding common ground in the bedroom and as they catapult over the line from hate to love, they discover that what they are feeling is more than just a weekend fling. The physical chemistry between them is insanely hot, but they also discover that they enjoy just talking to each other despite their occasional heated disagreements.
Will what happened on the Island stay on the Island though? Josie is keeping a very big secret from Charlie and she’s afraid that when he finds out the truth, they’ll be over anyways. It’s easy to be fun and fancy free in paradise, but back in the real world, it’s not that simple.
Absolutely awesome, emotional, enemies to lovers romance. Just perfectly done! I loved it!
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