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Four Nights Forever

Four Nights Forever (Connelly Crime Family Book 1)Four Nights Forever by KB Winters
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Well, I’ve loved KB Winters’ military men, athletes, bikers and billionaires, so it should come as no surprise that I also love her mobsters. She can write beautiful, broken bad boys who I just love to hate and hate to love!

This book is the first in the series featuring the Connelly crime family of Rocket, Nevada. It tells the story of Eamon, the eldest son of Patrick, the head of the Connelly family. Eamon meets Layla while he’s issuing a payment reminder to Layla’s drunken father, with his fists. Layla doesn’t realize how low her father has sunk and as we get further into the story we realize it’s worse that she could have ever imagined, but as far as this most recent debt that is past due, Layla is determined to deal with it on behalf of her dad.

Eamon makes Layla an offer she couldn’t refuse. The gorgeous enforcer offers to clear her father’s debts if she agrees to spend four nights in his bed, at his mercy. Compared to watching her father be beaten further or worse, she can think of worse things than spending four nights with a man who looks like a walking ad for sex. No strings. No promises. Just pleasure.

The problem is as they spend more time together, Eamon shows glimpses of the man beneath the family job and Layla worries she’s starting to fall for him. Eamon has no room in his life for a woman and he has no plans to change that, even though the nights with Layla have been beyond his wildest dreams.

When Layla is put in danger though and her life is on the line, Eamon has to decide where his ultimate loyalty lies. Does it lie with his family who has had his back for a lifetime or with the woman who could end up being his future? Could Layla really ever love someone who threatens and hurts people for a living anyways?

This was a fast paced, intense romance with suspense, humour, family drama, angst and insanely, smoking hot sexy scenes.

I’m excited for the next book in the series. When his book comes, I will find it very interesting to see if Shae is redeemable as a potential leading man/boyfriend material. 🙂 I’m not so sure lol!

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